Far Cry 5 – our Experience so far

Far Cry 5 is the most ambitious game of Ubisoft of 2018. it’s trailer was first launched in E3 event of 2018.since then , fans were exited to play this game. And we get to play this on PS pro and here is our review of the game ….so far we have played.

(Far Cry 5 is going to officially release on 27 march)

“A Far Cry game Worth playing”

As the game starts , we get to play as a police officer who is there with deputy and sheriff to arrest the leader of a cult named joeseph seed.as the game starts you can fell the same chills as of Far cry 3. there’s a unforgettable intro of game,(which we don’t wanna spoil for you). Then there’s a huge map where you have to conquer islands . you (as charachter) will try to liberate people’s minds from this cult , who is doing these wrong deeds in the name of god.


graphics of this game is as expected from a AAA title of ubisoft . everything is quite same as other Far cry games. there’s manual healing. player can have maximum of 4 main weapons. players can customise their weapons. there’s a new feature in game called ‘Guns for hire’.where we can probably hire people , kind of like far cry 4 to fight with us.they can provide tactical support to a fight and play a crucial role in completing some missions.


By far we have played , far cry 5 reminds as well as gets better than far cry 3(which was best game of the series accoroding to us). Also a good thing about far cry series is that it welcomes new players so if you are new player you can start far cry 5 right away . there is no backstory to follow and every part of the game is still enjoyable to newcomers or the hardcore fans of the series .

Score : 9.4/10


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