Far Cry 5 – Secret Ending!

Far cry 5 has a secret ending in it!

Yes, like Far Cry4, Ubisoft again gave a secret ending in their game which is quite a logical one this time.

How to achieve the secret ending?

When the game starts, we are sitting in the helicopter. Listen to what mayor says carefully. Now when you reach the church and have an option to arrest the Joeseph seed, ‘just don’t it’. Yes! that’s it . when you refuse to arrest the father and wait for few minutes probably (10 or 20 minutes maybe). So if you stick on, and still refuse to arrest the father a secret ending will start playing. Yeah, that’s it. Now listen to what father says. If you notice, his words will exactly be same as what mayor said in the helicopter. We are not giving any spoilers but you can try this and achieve secret ending without other parts of the game.


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