JBL C100SI Earphones Review – Best Under Rs. 1000?


JBL C100s1, also known as JBL C100, is one of the preferable choices for a budget earphone which you can see nowadays in the market. These earphones unexpectedly provide an astonishing yet satisfying balance between sound and money.


It is comfortable and easy to plug into ears. As with any other earphone, it was a hard time in the beginning. For first few days, earphones were just sliding out of ears (due to friction on the surface of buds). But after 2 months it has been one of the most pleasant rides so far. It’s neither too deep nor too out of ears. It is perfect for ears, yet there were some earphones (Sony XBA series, Sennheiser ) and it competes with that range, still being an 800 rupees (10$) earphones.

Sound quality: 7/10

The sound quality of these earphones is good enough. Every sound that we hear is clear, yet there was some amount of bass missing. There is bass, Yes! but it still feels quite less in quantity sometimes. Also, the sound is decent enough for an under Rs. 1000 earphones and noticeably better than other earphones in this budget (like Boss or SoundMagic or Skull Candy’s earphones) yet it was not that much over the clouds either. It was just better than good.

Value For Money:9.5/10

This is the segment where their earphones really shine. This is the best you can get for Rs. 800. There are still other options like Sennheiser’s earphone but that won’t give you a mic in it, so it is much better in that aspect. If you are looking for something over the par and if you can stretch your budget a little to Rs. 1500 then you may consider Sennheiser 1500 but if your budget is tight or it’s the most you wanna spend and get best out of your money then it is perfect for you.

Overall Score: 8/10

We used these earphones for around 2 months and this is our experience so far. If you agree with our review or find it helpful, please share it with your friends.

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